mountain road

Have you ever been the one to set goals, reach them, and push for more?

You charted a course thinking…this IS the one?

Then you arrived at a detour; two paths to choose from and not knowing which one to take.

You intuitively choose the path you thought was right and moved forward.

Maybe that path brought you to a place of growth and learning, but soon the path ended.

Then, you reached another detour.

You try again. This time, you expand your mind and try something new and different. You travel for a while gaining strength and thinking, this is IT! I got it now!

Along the way, you discovered more about yourself and the World and found a new sense of courage.

But, once again the path is no longer straight and narrow. It splits with two roads to choose from.

You’re lost. Everything looks the same.

You look around realizing you are spinning in circles not knowing which way to choose.

You are alone and left to your own thoughts, vulnerable, and confused.

Throughout this journey, you have accomplished many things and some things you felt you failed at.

But, failure never deterred you, until now.

You have been learning, growing, exploring and persevering all along. Despite wanting to, you never gave up.

But, then time and time again the path you thought was right, ended.

You had to start over, clear the confusion, fight and start again.

As time goes on, the path gets rockier. Each time you choose a new direction, the slope gets steeper and the terrain unstable.

You wonder do I just turn back. Or do I forge forward?

You are tired, need sleep and lack clarity. In fact, your brain takes over and your thoughts are convoluted.

You say to yourself, “Maybe if I just sleep it off, tomorrow will be a new day?”

But, the days between inspiration and hope get shorter.

Your energy drains and you feel weak.

“What am I to do?”

“Why does this keep happening?”

You ask these questions over and over again, sometimes in your head and sometimes out loud looking up towards the sky.

“Am I cursed? Does the devil live inside me?”

You seek spiritual answers; turn to a higher belief that the journey is part of a bigger plan.

It is called SURVIVAL.

You pray, call out, and ask for direction. You seek a compass to your own life.

You know in your heart, you were placed on this earth for a bigger purpose.

But yet over and over again, just when you think you discovered it, the answer strays again.

“How does one discover their purpose and stop defeat?”

“How does one find fulfillment, success and happiness?”

“How does one turn dreams into reality?” I understand each person defines those words in their own terms.

You often close your eyes and attempt to visualize this place and make it “real.”

“What does it feel like, smell like, hear like so that it can be felt…touched with your own fingers?”

Those are the real questions of life. Nothing else matters until you find the answers.

I have no further answers. I only read the stories of those who say it is possible.

But, no matter my efforts, I have yet to find the when, how, where or what to make my dreams come true.

I know I am not the only one. It is part of being human.

May my strength continue to find it so that the day comes when I can share it with all of you.

The question: Is the possibility of turning “ALL dreams into reality” just a myth?


-All Rights Reserved, 2016, Beckie Jorgensen

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