The Magnificent Palm Tree

The Palm Tree is a wonder of the World.

Tall, yet thin.

Its roots planted deeply into the soil.

As it grows, it matures and requires little care.

When the rain comes, it soaks it up like knowledge and stores it.

One branch may wither and break in the wind, only to be rebirthed again.

The Palm Tree stands the test of time, is challenged, yet fiercely survives.

One can uproot it and replant it.

It knows its place, its purpose.

It is a magnificent beauty to the World.

If only human beings could be so strong.

The lesson to be learned…

Be like a Palm Tree, stretch tall and branch out.

Cause like a Palm Tree, you were planted here on Earth for a reason.

Find your own magnificence.

Know it. Love it. Believe it.


-Beckie Jorgensen

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