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Poem: The Talent of a Butterfly

There she lay paralyzed by her own thoughts of weakness. She was unable to see the beauty of her own self-worth. Until, she heard a voice. Then suddenly, she uncloaked from beneath the dark shadows. This voice gently reminded her of her own unique talent. She began to stir. Standing tall, she stretched upwards and her wings unfolded. The light from above shimmered down upon her. There she stood filled with power, confidence and beauty! It was a sight that nobody would believe. Those wings were her talent that when used gave her strength. There was nothing standing in her way. She had unlocked the key to her truest potential. From there, she flew away! © BeckieJorgensen.com 2016 We all possess innate talents. We all have a unique calling. When we tap into our talents and develop them into strengths, we transform our lives to be the best of who we were born to be! – Beckie Jorgensen, Certified Strengths... read more


“You suck! You are not good at anything! You will never amount to anything! You have no talents!”  -OR- “I suck! I am not good at anything! I will never amount to anything! I have no talents!”   How many times have you heard people say this? How many people in your life have told you this? How many times have you said this to yourself? Well, what if I told you – scientifically, this is simply, humanly NOT TRUE? You may respond, “Yeah Right!”  “Whatever!” Do I have your attention yet? Before you read on, please take a moment to STOP everything you are doing. Please do not bypass this step. Take three deep breaths. As you breathe in, I want you to feel the energy of air filling your lungs. As you breath out, I want you to release any negative emotion or thought for the moment. Repeat 3 times … Now, you have permission to read on… If you are reading this right now, you are ALIVE and have a BRAIN, which means you are GOOD at something and that you have TALENTS! So reverse what I said, “scientifically, this is simply, humanly true!”  Let me prove it, in a simplified way, as I am not a scientist. From conception, our brain develops a hundred billion neurons, or cells that begin to build the raw material of the mind by creating connections called synapses. A synapse is a connection between two brain cells that enables the cells to communicate with one another. By age three, each of your hundred billion neurons have formed fifteen thousand synaptic connections with... read more

“Why Know Thy Talents?”

It is not about who you are not. It is who you are. It is not about what you need to fix. It is what you strengthen. It is not about what you did wrong. It is what you do right. It is not about learning something new. It is what you naturally do. It is not about a situation. It is your destination.  – Beckie Jorgensen,Certified Strengths... read more

Called to Coach with Beckie Jorgensen – Video Replay

On March 4, 2016, I appeared “live” on Called to Coach with Gallup to discuss my transformational journey as the result of discovering my talents, turning my talents into strengths, and the transformational journey that led to my decision to become a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Watch the video replay to gain insight into this amazing journey where I reveal tips on using StrengthsFinder and learn more about my new book Live Your Life ~ The Art of Leveraging Your Strengths to Live Your Purpose (available to order on Amazon.com).   ve Your Purpose (available on... read more

“Wherever You Go, There You Are”

Today, I was going through my email when I happened to come across this article by Barb Wade. I absolutely felt compelled to share this with you. Negative self-talk is, in my opinion, the #1 killer of HOPE! – Beckie     OK, I’m going to tell it to you straight.  The biggest impediment to achieving what’s most important to you is between your ears. The self-talk that we give ourselves is a running dialogue that is the most significant influence with regards to what we accomplish, and ALSO our entire quality of life. I used to give myself constant messages of fear and “not enough.”  I remember being an actress and starring on an NBC sitcom in my 20s, and even then I was always in fear about whether I was good enough, whether they were regretful they hired me, and when the other shoe was going to drop and I would be released from my contract.  What kind of a way was that to live when I was doing something many people would die for? But no amount of externals can override what we tell ourselves internally.  It’s a fact.  Even if you change your circumstances (new job, new mate, etc.) your mind and the way it operates is still right there. And how do you suppose you show up in life when your running dialogue is “you’re not (good, smart, worthy) enough, you’re not loveable, you’re behind in what you’re accomplishing, you never get things right, you’re going to be ‘found out’ and rejected,” etc. etc.? I’ll tell you.  You show up on shaky ground.  You... read more

2016: I Am Ready to Live My Best Life!

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” – Brian Tracy I am taking bold action and putting out to the Universe my 2016 Intention and Declaration Statement. “I, Beckie Jorgensen, hereby in this moment on January 1 4, 2016 surrender my past. I am open and ready to receive right nowLOVE, JOY, PEACE and GRATITUDE. IBELIEVE in me; my potential, my strengths, and my higher PURPOSE & MISSION in LIFE. I am WORTHY of abundance and success.” My purpose in life is to inspire, serve and lead others to be their best selves. Ihelp people to discover their own purpose so that they never give away their passions, dreams and HOPE! “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” ― Sonia Ricotti What is your 2016 Intention and Declaration Statement? Feel free to comment and share! Let’s hold each other accountable for achieving our best life starting right now! To learn more, check out my new book: Live Your Life ~ The Art of Leveraging Your Strengths to Live Your... read more